In the United States, polish (manicure) is still the mainstream when coloring nails. I think there are regional differences, but even if I go to the salon, most of the polish samples, so it seems that gel nails have not penetrated yet.
But why is gel nails so popular in the Japanese nail industry, which boasts world-class technology? Here are some of the charms of gel nails.

・ Gel nails are long-lasting
The finish of the nail is beautiful and it lasts a long time. Gel nails can basically be left on for a month or two. If you have good nail care, it will last even longer.

・ Gel nails have a lot of art variations
Gel nails do not harden until they are exposed to light, so you can enjoy various arts. Not only flat art, but also parts such as rhinestones and studs can be embedded firmly.

・ Gel nails can be mixed with colors
Gel nails can be mixed with color gel to create your own original color. This is possible because the gel will not cure unless it is exposed to light. Since each manufacturer sells a wide variety of colors, it is also creating a color that suits your taste is one of the fun in gel nail.

・ The plumpness of gel nails is cute
Since gel nails are made of resin, they are characterized by generating a plumpness. This plumpness makes looking cute and makes it popular. Another feature of the gel is that you can use the self-leveling of the gel to make the shape of your nails look beautiful, and you can enjoy glossy nails.

・ Can be finished beautifully in a short time
Gel nails are hardened by exposing them to light, so the advantage is that you don’t need time to dry them. You can touch the nails immediately after nailing, do housework and go out, which saves time for busy women


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