Gel Nail Class


Interested in learning Japanese-style Gel Nail?

Why learning Japanese-style Gel Nails?

For beauty lovers, Japanese-style Gel Nail is the best way to decorate and protect your nails. It is natural but long-lasting, chipping-resistant, and easier to be removed.

For nail technicians, Japanese-style Gel Nail is the best option to offer to your clients. Introductory pricing for a gel treatment menu for one color at a Japanese-style Gel Nail salon is at least eighty dollars. The average pricing for the gel nail menu with designs is between 100 and 120 dollars. Therefore, the gel nail menu is more profitable for your business than the traditional nail polish menu.

Get certified with the techniques of Japanese-style Gel Nail to build and boost your dream career as a professional nail artist!


The programs are short-term and topic-oriented. The duration is around a week, depending on the program. You can focus on one area to improve your skills as a gel nail artist. Outside of the Class, Q&A about the program content are available during the program term (text only).

1. Care Focus Program

4 days -- $300

Water care, cuticle care, trimming, filing, buffing, shining

2. Nail extension Program

8 days -- $1500

Gel extension, acrylic sculpture, Apres Gel-X, nail crack reinforcement

3. Basic Gel Nail Program

5 days -- $500

Dry care, One-color Gel, Gradation, French, Gel Removal

4. Flower Gel Art Program - 5 days

5 days -- $500

Basic flower, designed flowers

5. Animal Gel Art Program - 6 days

6 days -- $700

Various animal designs

6. 3D Nail Art Program - 5 days

5 days -- $500

Creating 3D designs with acrylic and gel 

Professional Course

We offer a holistic course that equips you with all the gel nail techniques from scratch. At the end of the course, you are required to pass an exam to graduate from the course. Upon completion of the course, a certificate will be issued to demonstrate your competence. Outside of the Class, Q&A about nail techniques and salon works are available during the program term (text only).

Advanced Gel Nail Professional Course for nail technicians


(excluding material costs)

5 months

In person courses or zoom courses are available. 13 weekly classes for the first three months, practice sessions for the following 2 months.

Free Q&As in text messages for one year since the start of the program is also offered.

Class contents:  Gel Nail One Color, French, Gradation, Removal, Nail Repair, Gel Sculpting, Apres Gel-X, Three Flower art designs, Two Animal art designs, One random Japanese Pop art design, How to use Nail Machine*, How to do characters with gels*

(Including test, certificate)

Become the future Gel Nail Artist!
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