Gel Nail Class


Interested in learning Japanese-style Gel Nail?


A class where you can learn the basics of gel nails such as the “cuticle treatment” method and “grading” method. After learning the basics, you can also take lectures including little advanced gel nails such as French nails, Marbles, and Decoration nails. In this class, even those who have no experience with nails and are not confident can enjoy nails with peace of mind.

・ Care Color Seminar
We will do the basics from dry care, gel one color, gradation, French, gel off.

 ・Cuticle Care Intensive Seminar
Using water care, we will do the basics from how to use cuticle nippers to polishing the surface of nails.

Advanced LEVEL

In addition to the contents of the basic class, this class focuses on learning applied basic knowledge that is one rank higher It also includes learning a little more advanced techniques such as repairing cracks and lengthening. This class is recommended for those who are not thinking about professionals but want to learn a general technique related to gel.

・ Sculpture seminar
Gel sculpture, acrylic sculpture, tip length, nail crack reinforcement.

・ Nail machine seminar
Off, care, fill-in using nail machine.

Master LEVEL

This is a class where you can learn the knowledge and techniques specialized in the most popular gel nails. With a practical curriculum that actually uses a hand model, you can learn the advanced content required as a professional and also the detailed techniques required for salon work.

・ Flat art flower seminar

・ Flat Art Animal Seminar

・ Character art seminar

・ 3D / Embossed Art Seminar
Make 3D parts using acrylic and gel.

Become the future Gel Nail Artist!
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